Weigh Safe TrueTow Middle Weight Distribution Hitch, 6″ Drop 2″ Shank, 12,500 GTW • TTMW6-2XL

Product Details

The all new Weigh Safe TrueTow Weight Distribution Hitch – Middleweight is a revolutionary addition to the True Tow family, designed to deliver precise measurement and force calculations to effectively redistribute weight across your towing platform. With its innovative features and user-friendly installation process, this hitch is the perfect companion for all your towing needs.

– Built-in scale to measure tongue weight and distributed tongue weight for accurate weight distribution
– Live adjustment system in the head assembly for quick and easy installations
– Easy height adjustment with 1.25” hole increments for precise adjustments
– DTW (Distributed Tongue Weight) tool application for smartphones or on our website for setting up a highly accurate distributed system
– Distributes trailer tongue weight between the back axle of the tow vehicle and the axle(s) of the trailer, returning lost weight to the front axle for a safer and smoother ride
– Anti-sway friction areas to reduce sway caused by wind or passing vehicles

– 6” Drop
– 2” Shank
– 2-5/16” Tow Ball
– 12,500 GTW
– 1,250 MTW
– 9” Drawbar Length
– Limited Lifetime Warranty


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