weBoost Drive Reach Overland Signal Booster Kit • 472061

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The weBoost Drive Reach Overland Signal Booster (SKU 472061) is the best solution for anyone who needs the most powerful signal boosting setup and are able to mount a large, external antenna on their vehicle. The Overland booster introduces a revolutionary outside antenna mount with various mounting options, including T-Track, piping, and bolting to the vehicle. It can also fold down for situations where you have low clearance and need the outside antenna to lay flat against the vehicle. Paired with the powerful outside antenna is the industry-leading weBoost Drive Reach amplifier, which is one of the most powerful multi-carrier vehicle amplifiers on the market. If the outside antenna is able to receive any signal at all, then the Drive Reach amplifier can boost it up to a usable level. The Drive Reach Overland includes a small, omnidirectional internal antenna to provide boosted signal to the inside of the vehicle. This can be upgraded to a desktop antenna for additional coverage and mounting options. In addition, you can upgrade the mast length of the outside antenna from 13″ to 18″, as well as purchase a longer cable (18′ instead of 14′) for the run from the outside antenna to the amplifier. The Drive Reach Overland has been designed for rugged use in the most remote areas possible, so if you find yourself in rough terrain and extremely far from the nearest cell tower, then this is the solution for you.

– Outside antenna can be mounted in multiple ways & orientations, and can be folded down for low clearance areas.
– Strongest gain (boosting power) allowed by the FCC, for the most coverage with a weak to moderate outside signal.
– Most powerful uplink and downlink of any weBoost vehicle booster, so you can be as far from the cell towers as possible.
– Works wirelessly. No physical connection to your phone required.
– Supports multiple phones and all carriers at the same time.
– Everything you need is included in the kit.
– Fewer dropped calls.
– Faster Internet data speeds.
– Better voice quality.
– Texts that send quickly.
– Longer battery life.

– Supported Phones: All Cell Phones, Hotspots, and any Devices that use Cellular Data
– Networks: 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE & 5G
– Frequencies: 700, 800, 1900, 1700/2100 MHz
– Carriers: Works for all Carriers in North America, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Freedom Mobile

In the Box:
– Drive Reach Amplifier
– DC Power Supply
– High-Gain Overland Outside Antenna
– Overland Antenna Mount
– 14′ Cable for Outside Antenna
– Slim Low-Profile Inside Antenna with 10′ Cable


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