Valterra TireMinder i10 with 4 External Transmitters • TM22141

Product Details

– Premium Dedicated Monitor
– Full Color 3.25 Inch Diagonal LCD
– View up to 10 Tire Readings at Once!
– Auto-Swap Between Front and Rear
– Monitors up to 4 Different Vehicles
– Standard External Transmitters with Replaceable CR1632 Batteries
– Signal Booster Included
– 3 Year Warranty

Upgrade your tire monitoring system with the Valterra TireMinder i10 TM22141. Equipped with a premium dedicated monitor featuring a vibrant full-color 3.25-inch diagonal LCD, this advanced device allows you to effortlessly view up to 10 tire readings simultaneously. The auto-swap function enables seamless switching between front and rear tire monitoring, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.

With the ability to monitor up to 4 different vehicles, the Valterra TireMinder i10 provides unparalleled flexibility and convenience. The standard external transmitters come with replaceable CR1632 batteries, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting performance. Amplify the signal strength with the included signal booster, enhancing the reliability and accuracy of your tire monitoring system.

Backed by a generous 3-year warranty, the Valterra TireMinder i10 TM22141 offers peace of mind and a reliable solution for keeping a close eye on your tires. Upgrade to this cutting-edge system today for enhanced safety and efficiency on the road.


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