Valterra Mighty Cord 12″ Dogbone Power Adapter with Standard Grip, 30A Straight Male x 30A Locking Female • A10-3030DBK

Product Details

This Valterra Mighty Cord 12″ Dogbone Power Adapter allows you to easily adapt 30 amp power for your 30 amp RV setup. The detachable female receptacle with a ring ensures a secure and convenient connection to campground power. With a durable construction and practical features, this adapter is a must-have for your RV electrical needs.

– Cable Color: Black
– Cord Length: 12″
– Plug Type: Standard Grip
– Inlet Amperage: 30A
– Inlet Connection Type: Straight
– Inlet Type: Male
– Outlet Amperage: 30A
– Outlet Connection Type: Locking
– Outlet Type: Female
– Connector Color: Yellow/Black
– Handle: Without Handle
– Package Type: Bulk
– Plug Form: 90° Angled
– Warranty: 1 Year Limited


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