Ultra Fab Ultra Stacker Jacks (2-Pack of Stabilizers) – Extends from 11″ to 17″ • 48-979003

Product Details

– Ultra Fab Ultra Stacker Jacks is a must-have accessory designed for tent campers and smaller trailers, offering enhanced stability and support during outdoor adventures.
– This pack includes two premium-quality aluminum stacker jacks, providing reliable reinforcement for your camping setup.
– With an adjustable height range from 11 inches to 17 inches, these stacker jacks offer versatility to meet your specific stabilization needs.
– Boasting a remarkable 6,000-pound capacity, these jacks are built to provide sturdy support, ensuring a secure and balanced camping experience.
– These stacker jacks are specifically designed for stabilizing purposes and are not intended for lifting heavy loads, emphasizing safety and functionality.
– Featuring a compact and space-efficient design, these jacks can be easily stored without taking up much room, making them ideal for on-the-go outdoor enthusiasts.
– The Ultra Fab Ultra Stacker Jacks are perfect for those who value convenience and portability, offering a practical solution for stabilizing campers and trailers wherever your adventures take you.


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