Trimax Wheel Chock Lock • TCL75

Product Details

Secure your vehicle with the Trimax Wheel Chock Lock • TCL75, a reliable and robust anti-theft device designed to keep your valuable possessions safe. This wheel chock lock expands effortlessly to fit a range of wheel sizes, offering peace of mind in any parking situation. The vibrant powder-coated yellow finish not only enhances visibility but also adds a touch of style to your vehicle security measures. With 3 keys included, you can easily share access with trusted individuals or keep spares in convenient locations. The TCL75 opens to accommodate wheel widths ranging from 7 to 11.25 inches, ensuring compatibility with a variety of vehicles. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this wheel chock lock offers long-term protection and durability for your prized vehicles.

– Expands to fit wheel widths from 7 to 11.25 inches
– Powder coated yellow finish for enhanced visibility and style
– Comes with 3 keys for convenience and backup
– Lifetime warranty for long-lasting security and peace of mind


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