Torklift Fortress GasLock RV Propane Lock Fits 1/2″ Rod • A7702

Product Details

The Torklift Fortress GasLock RV Propane Lock provides reliable security for your propane tanks when mounted to trailers, towables, and RVs. With the increasing incidents of propane tank theft, this product offers a solution to prevent common theft and damages that can be costly to repair. Criminals have been stealing propane tanks not only for their value but also for illicit purposes like producing methamphetamine, often causing extensive damage to the RV during the theft process.

– Does not require tools for installation and installs in seconds
– Does not interfere with LP tanks and allows tanks to be filled while locked
– Designed for dual tanks
– Made of high impact powder-coated military-grade aluminum
– Compatible with most common 1/2″ threaded LP tank rake rods
– Specifically designed for locking LP tanks
– Helps avoid repairs that can exceed $500 due to theft
– Allows for quick locking of tanks when mounted to trailers
– Proudly made in the USA

This product offers peace of mind by securely locking your propane tanks and deterring theft while providing ease of use and durability.


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