Thetford Aqua Magic Residence White Plastic Low Profile Built-In Toilet • 42170

Product Details

Suited for any recreational vehicle that allows permanent installation, Aqua Magic Residence RV toilet comes with a residential-sized seat and cover, easy to remove for customization.


  • Made of sturdy plastic, Aqua Magic Residence is a premium RV toilet, with a weight of only 12.3 lbs for the high profile and 10.65 lbs for the low profile.
  • Aqua Magic Residence has a dual function flush pedal system: pressing the pedal halfway adds water to the bowl while pressing it all the way opens the valve and flushes the toilet.
  • This model is available in low profile – white color and has the following dimensions:
  • H:13-3/4 in (34.9 cm), L: 19-3/4 in (50.1 cm), W: 15-1/4 in (38.7 cm), Weight: 10.65 lbs (4.83 kg).
  • VERSATILITY: Aqua Magic Residence is a stylish, comfortable, and lightweight toilet, suited for all RV type
  • FUNCTIONALITY: The toilet uses a single-pedal system – pressing the pedal halfway adds water to the bowl, while pressing the pedal all the way flushes, giving 100% bowl coverage flush
  • SANITARY: Residence comes with an antimicrobial seat, which inhibits mold and odor-causing bacteria growth
  • CONVENIENCE: Lightweight RV toilet – 10.65 lbs – with full-size residential seat


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