Tekonsha Primus IQ, Proportional Brake Controller for Trailers with 1-3 Axles • 90160

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The Tekonsha Primus IQ electric trailer brake controller gives you dependable braking power in a compact design. As an industry staple for more than ten years, this proportional braking system provides a smooth braking response in any stopping situation. With its petite yet durable exterior, this trailer brake controller fits nicely under the dash, making it easily accessible from the driver’s seat without being in the way. While also compact, the brains of the Primus IQ are astute. This insightful brake controller has an easy-to-read LED display, self-diagnostic check to monitor your connection and trailer braking activity and is self-leveling when mounted within a 90-degree vertical range, so there’s no need to adjust the unit once it’s installed. It also features a power output knob to set your desired braking power, a boost option that lets you apply up quickly and easily to three levels of additional trailer braking power, especially when hauling heavier loads, and manual override. The Primus IQ was created to work with electric braking systems, works proportionally in reverse to make backing into tough spots a bit easier, and – like the Prodigy P3, Prodigy P2, and many other Tekonsha brake controllers – utilizes primary sensor technology to ensure the smoothest stop possible. When you’re done towing, the IQ’s snap-in dash mounting clip, Plug & Play port for two plug adapters, and removeable electrical connector allow the unit to be quickly stored. The Primus IQ is truly a complete trailer brake controller kit. It works with trailers with 1-3 axles, comes with all necessary mounting hardware, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • PROPORTIONAL ELECTRIC BRAKE CONTROLLER: Provides automatic braking based on the intensity and rate at which you apply your tow vehicle’s brakes, giving you smooth braking thanks to an internal inertia sensor. This makes the Primus IQ brake controller ideal for general and heavy-duty emergency braking.
  • EASILY INSTALL AND STOW, THANKS TO PLUG & PLAY: The Primus IQ trailer brake controller has a snap-in dash mounting clip, Plug & Play port for two plug adapters, and removeable electrical connector so the unit can be easily unplugged, unclipped, and stored.
  • EASY-TO-READ LED DISPLAY: Digital LED display shows settings, real-time diagnostics, and alerts.
  • BOOST FEATURE PROVIDES EXTRA BRAKING POWER: Boost provides up to three levels of additional stopping power at the touch of a button, giving you confidence in stopping safely when you’re hauling heavier loads and/or need more power to stop.
  • VERSATILE: The Primus IQ electric brake controller is compatible with a wide range of vehicles including Ford, GM, Chevy, Dodge, RAM, Toyota, Jeep, and more with 2, 4, or 6 brakes (1-3 axles). Vehicle-specific Tekonsha Plug & Play brake controller wiring harness sold separately.


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