Stromberg Carlson Venture Landing Gear Follow Leg Repair Kit • LG-146060

Product Details

– Trailer landing gear leg repair kit designed specifically for use with Venture follow legs
– Includes gears, pins, washers, guide bushes, shaft, and locking clip for comprehensive repair needs
– All components are precision-engineered to ensure proper fit and functionality
– Easy to install and replace worn or damaged parts to restore landing gear performance
– Durable construction to withstand heavy loads and rough conditions
– Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, maintenance professionals, and trailer owners looking for reliable repair solutions

– Compatible with: Stromberg Carlson Venture Landing Gear Follow Legs
– Kit Contents:
– Gears
– Pins
– Washers
– Guide bushes
– Shaft
– Locking clip
– Material: High-quality alloy and steel components
– Dimensions: Various sizes to fit landing gear requirements
– Easy installation: Designed for straightforward DIY repair tasks
– Weight: Lightweight for easy handling and transportation
– Application: Suitable for trailers, campers, and other heavy-duty vehicles.


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