Stromberg Carlson Tandem Axle T-Chock Wheel Stabilizer, Single • JBP-T217.1

Product Details

The Stromberg Carlson JBP-T217.1 Tandem Axle T-Chock Wheel Stabilizer stops your coach from rocking while parked. Fits dual-axle trailers and RVs with tires spaced 2″ to 17″ apart.


  • Simply wedge the T-chock between your tandem tires and expand.
  • Includes a wrench for easily expanding or retracting the T-chock.

  • Arm louvers grip your tire treads to prevent slipping.

  • Durable steel constructed T-chock with a rust-resistant coating.

  • Fits dual-axle trailers and RVs with 2″ to 17″ wheel spacing.

  • Includes (1) T-chock wheel stabilizer.

  • Weight: 8 lbs.

  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.


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