Stromberg Carlson 8000 lb Landing Gear Dual Power Conversion Kit • LG-5

Product Details

LG-5 8000 lb Landing Gear Dual Power Conversion Kit by Stromberg Carlson. Need more lifting power than your single-power landing gear will offer? No problem! We now offer dual power conversion kis for your Lippert, Venture and Pac-Rim landing gear systems. This conversion kit will replace your existing system cross shaft and follow leg with a duplicate of your existing lead leg setup.

  • If you do not have an existing landing gear system, or are wanting to replace both sides, you will need to order 2 x LG-5 conversion kits.
  • Dynamic load max of 8000 lb, 4000 lb per leg
  • Leg Height: 29.5″
  • LG-179013 – 29.5″ Lead Leg
  • LG-142178 – 5000 lb Motor
  • LG-179015 – Aluminum GearBox
  • LG-145236 – IP Rated Switch
  • Mounting Hardware


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