Specialty Recreation Low Profile Skylight, 14″ x 22″ , Ice • SL1422E-LP

Product Details

– Made Of Thermoformed Polycarbonate
– UV Resistant And Extremely Strong
– Height: 4-1/2 Inch
– Shape: Rectangular
– Opening Length: 22 Inch
– Opening Width: 14 Inch
– Flange Length: 25-1/2 Inch
– Flange Width: 17-1/2 Inch
– Color: Ice
– Material: Polycarbonate
– Quantity: Single
– With Blind: No
– With Sealant: Yes

Enhance natural lighting in your recreational vehicle with the Specialty Recreation Low Profile Skylight, measuring 14″ x 22″. Crafted from thermoformed polycarbonate, this skylight is UV resistant and exceptionally durable. Its rectangular shape and sleek design add style to your vehicle’s interior. With an opening length of 22 inches and width of 14 inches, the skylight provides ample light and ventilation. The flange dimensions of 25-1/2″ length and 17-1/2″ width ensure a secure and easy installation. The ice color complements various interior styles, and the polycarbonate construction guarantees long-lasting performance. This single skylight comes equipped with sealant for a hassle-free setup. Upgrade your RV with this high-quality Specialty Recreation Low Profile Skylight for a brighter and more inviting living space.


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