Specialty Recreation Inner/Outer Low-Profile Skylight Kit for 14″ x 22″ Opening, White • K1422WLP

Product Details

– Color: White Outer/White Inner

– Material: Thermoformed Polycarbonate

– Length: 25.5”

– Width: 15.75”

– Hole Dimensions: 14” x 22”

– Mounting Style: Inner/Outer

– Frame Shape: Rectangular

– Height: 1.5”

– 1 Year Limited Warranty

Enhance your recreational vehicle with the Specialty Recreation Inner/Outer Low-Profile Skylight Kit designed for a 14″ x 22″ opening. This kit features a durable construction made of thermoformed polycarbonate in a white outer and white inner finish. The low-profile design and rectangular frame shape blend seamlessly into your RV’s aesthetic. With a height of 1.5 inches, this skylight kit provides ample natural light and ventilation. Upgrade your RV with this easy-to-install skylight kit and enjoy brighter and airier spaces on your outdoor adventures.


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