Southwire 50 Amp 6/3-8/1 15 Ft STOW Power Cord • 50A15MFST

Product Details

This Southwire 50 Amp power cord (model 50A15MFST) is a reliable and durable solution for your power supply needs. Featuring 50 Amp male and female ends, this cord is designed for heavy-duty applications. The 15-foot length and 6/3-8/1 cable configuration provide flexibility and reach to power your equipment effectively.

– Amperage: 50 Amps
– Length: 15 feet
– Cable Configuration: 6/3-8/1
– Voltage Rating: 125-240V
– Weather resistant for outdoor use
– Durable PVC cord jacket for longevity and protection
– Ideal for use in demanding environments where a strong and reliable power supply is required.

Invest in the Southwire 50 Amp 6/3-8/1 15 Ft STOW Power Cord for a dependable power solution that can withstand the elements and deliver consistent performance.


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