Southwire 30′ Flexible Power Supply Cord 50 Amp • 50A30MOSE

Product Details

– End Type Male: 4 Prong
– End Type Female: End For Hard Wiring
– End Rating Male: 30 Amp
– Wire Size: 6 AWG
– Length: 30 Feet
– Jacket Color: Black
– Jacket Material: Neoprene Thermoplastic Elastomer
– Electrical Certifications: UL
– Super Flexible 50 Ampere Cords, Allowing For Maximum Maneuverability
– Rated For Temperatures Ranging From Negative 50 Degree Celsius To 105 Degree Celsius
– Jacket Is Made Of Durable And Flexible Seoprene Thermoplastic Elastomer
– Remains Flexible In Warm Or Cold Climates
– Molded Plug End
– Easy-T-Pull ™ Handle

This Southwire 30′ Flexible Power Supply Cord 50 Amp • 50A30MOSE is a versatile and reliable power supply option for various electrical needs. With its high quality construction and innovative features, this cord offers exceptional performance and durability. The 4-prong male end and hard-wiring female end ensure secure connections, while the 6 AWG wire size and 30 feet length provide ample reach and power capacity. The jacket, made of Neoprene Thermoplastic Elastomer, adds strength and flexibility to the cord, making it suitable for a wide range of environments and applications. UL certified, this cord meets safety standards and guarantees reliable electrical power supply. Whether in warm or cold climates, this power cord remains flexible, allowing for easy handling and storage. The molded plug end and Easy-T-Pull™ handle further enhance convenience and usability, making this power cord a practical and efficient choice for your electrical projects.


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