Safe-T-Alert Carbon Monoxide/Propane Alarm – White • 85-741-WT-TR

Product Details

Upgrades single 12 Volt Propane Gas alarms to a dual alarm that detects both Propane Gas and Carbon Monoxide (CO). Ideal for Class A Motorhomes, Class B Van Campers, Class C Mini-Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Truck and Folding Campers. Alarm Mute button silences alarm while RV is ventilated. Rapid recovery sensor resets when silenced or reactivates alarm if dangerous levels of Propane or CO remain. 12 Volt power means no missing or dead batteries to replace.

  • Direct Replacement And Universal Fit
  • 12 Volt DC Hardwired
  • Surface Mount
  • Trim Ring To Fill Or Cover Existing Footprint, Detector Can Be Used With Or Without The Trim Ring
  • Smaller Footprint And Low Profile
  • Double-Duty Alarm; Detects Both Gas Leaks And CO Gas Simultaneously
  • Reliable 12 Volt Power Means No Missing Or Dead Batteries To Replace
  • Durable Built For The Extreme RV Environment
  • Advanced Technology Alarm Mute Button Silences Alarm While RV Is Ventilated; Rapid Recovery Sensor Resets When Silenced Or Reactivates Alarm If Dangerous Levels Of Propane Or CO Remain
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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