Roadmaster High-Low Hitch Receiver Adapter for 2″ Receiver – 2″ Rise/Drop, 10,000 lbs. Weight Capacity • 048-2

Product Details

This Roadmaster High-Low Hitch Receiver Adapter is designed to conveniently and safely adapt 2″ receiver hitches for towing needs. With a 2″ rise/drop, this adapter offers versatility in towing various trailers while maintaining a smooth and level towing experience. Capable of securely handling up to 10,000 lbs. of weight and a maximum tongue weight of 400 lbs., this adapter ensures reliable performance for your towing requirements.

– Roadmaster High-Low Hitch Receiver Adapter
– For 2″ Receiver Hitches
– Rise/Drop: 2″
– Weight Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
– Maximum Tongue Weight: 400 lbs
– The shank can be turned up or down to level the towing system.
– Solid-steel shank

Upgrade your towing setup with this Roadmaster High-Low Hitch Receiver Adapter, constructed with a durable solid-steel shank for long-lasting strength and stability. Perfect for leveling your towing system, this adapter is a versatile and reliable solution for towing heavy loads with ease and peace of mind.


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