Roadmaster Adapter for Roadmaster Tow Bar & Blue Ox Baseplate • 031

Product Details

This Roadmaster Adapter is designed to seamlessly meld Roadmaster’s popular tow bars with Blue Ox baseplates, providing versatility and convenience for various towing setups.

– Adapts Roadmaster Falcon, Falcon All-Terrain, or BlackHawk Tow Bars to Blue Ox Baseplates
– Compatible with BlackHawk All-Terrain Tow Bar (Serial Numbers up to 16,500) for easy integration with Blue Ox Baseplates
– Enables Sterling Tow Bar (Serial Numbers up to 14,500) to be used with Blue Ox Baseplates

Upgrade your towing experience with this reliable and efficient adapter that ensures a secure connection between compatible Roadmaster tow bars and Blue Ox baseplates.


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