Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Electric Brake Controller • EBRH-ACCNA

Product Details

The Redarc EBRH-ACCNA Tow-Pro Liberty Electric Brake Controller is an innovative new brake controller featuring inertia sensing technology, making it perfect for everyday hauling or towing on the highway.


  • Ensures a safe towing experience every time you head out on the road.
  • Automatically adjusts trailer’s braking based on deceleration of tow vehicle

  • Guarantees smooth braking with no push or pull on your vehicle.

  • The Liberty self-calibrates for ease of installation.

  • Active calibration continuously monitors your direction of travel and adjusts brake response accordingly.

  • Liberty will even calibrate with no trailer attached while maintaining the ability to mount in any orientation.

  • Works with both electric and electric-over-hydraulic brakes.

  • Activates immediately – no pause like with time-delayed brake controllers.

  • Designed for 1-2 trailer axles.

  • 3-axis accelerometer measures deceleration in all directions for precise braking and smooth, uniform stopping action.

  • Can be mounted at any angle and will still accurately sense the deceleration of your vehicle.

  • Includes a manual override function via the dash-mounted remote head knob, which allows users to prevent trailer sway with just the push of a button.

  • The remote head knob allows for fast and easy adjustment of braking power with a turn of the dial.

  • Eliminates any knee-knocking of the brake controller in your vehicle’s dash.

  • No interference with airbags or other vehicle accessories.

  • Made for 12 volt systems.

  • Tow-Pro universal switch insert (sold separately) is required to install the remote head, see part TPSI-001

  • Under dash mounting bracket kit not included, see part EBMK-001

  • Important: Universal or vehicle-specific wiring harnesses available separately, see the frequently bought section below to locate the right harness for your vehicle.

  • Installation Time: 1 hour approx.

  • The remote head meets UNECER21 and FMVSS 201 safety standards.

  • Dexter and Tuson sway control system approved.
  • Note: not functional in reverse.

  • Operating Voltage: 9V – 16V

  • Nom. Input System Voltage: 12V

  • Brake Input Signal Voltage: +12V nominal (on), 0V (off).

  • Brake Coil Voltage: 12V

  • Max Trailer Axles: 1 or 2

  • Nominal Current Draw: 18A

  • Max. Rated Current: 18A

  • Standby Current: <5mA

  • Operating Temperature: +4°F to +140°F / -20°C to +60°C

  • See additional photos above for complete product dimensions.

  • Weight: 1 lb.

  • Includes (1) remote head assembly, (1) main unit, (1) remote head nut, (1) remote head knob, (1) remote head bezel, and (1) remote head cable (3 ft).

  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.


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