Progressive Industries Hardwired RV Surge & Electrical Protector • EMS-HW50C

Product Details

Upgrade your RV’s electrical protection with the Progressive Industries Hardwired RV Surge & Electrical Protector • EMS-HW50C. This advanced system ensures a stable 240 Volt voltage regulation and a 50 Amp ampere rating, safeguarding your RV’s electrical system against power fluctuations and potential hazards. The EMS-HW50C features automatic reconnect functionality, fault indicator for quick diagnostics, and a single socket outlet for easy connectivity.

– Voltage Regulation: 240 Volt
– Ampere Rating: 50 Amp
– Automatically Reconnects: Yes
– Number Of Outlet: 1 Socket
– With Fault Indicator: Yes

Whenever AC Power Falls Below 104 Volt, Or Rises Above 132 Volt, The EMS Automatically Shuts Down Power To The RV. If The AC Power Is Interrupted, Or The EMS Detects A Fault Condition, The Built-In Time Delay Is Activated. 5-Mode Surge Protection: This Feature Provides Full Surge Protection. Features Surge Indicator, Reverse Polarity Protection, Open Neutral Protection, Open Ground Protection, AC Frequency Protection, Accidental 240 Volt Protection And Remote Display. Bypass Switch Is Located On The Remote Panel, And Allows The User To Bypass The Computer Circuit In The EMS In The Event Of Computer Failure, Thus Allowing AC Power Into The RV. Replacement Parts Are Designed For Simple Plug And Play, Making Repairs Extremely User Friendly. Microprocessor Controlled: The Computer Is Driven By A State-Of-The-Art Microprocessor That Is Programmed With Software To Drive The Entire EMS.

Equipped with comprehensive surge protection capabilities, the EMS-HW50C safeguards your RV with surge indicator and multiple safeguards like reverse polarity, open neutral, open ground protection and more, prioritizing the safety of your RV’s electrical system. In case of power irregularities or faults, the built-in time delay activates to prevent damage and ensure seamless operation.

With a microprocessor-driven computer and user-friendly design, the EMS-HW50C provides reliability and ease of use. The remote display and bypass switch offer convenient control options, allowing you to monitor and manage your RV’s power supply effectively. Additionally, the plug-and-play replacement parts make maintenance hassle-free and enhance the longevity of the EMS-HW50C. Upgrade to the EMS-HW50C for reliable electrical protection and peace of mind during your travels.


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