Progressive Dynamics All-In-One 240v, 50 Amp Ac/Dc Distribution Panel W/90 Amp Conv W/Lithium Switch • PD4590AV

Product Details

  • Top ten fuse holders recommended for low current devices such as smokeand carbon monoxide detectors.
  • 18 branch fuse holders with 4-30 Amp circuits. Maximum rating 20 Ampson remaining circuits — available with terminal blocks .
  • LED indicators identify which fuse is blown.
  • Converter/Charger section is accessible from the front.
  • Converter/Charger ratings of 60, 75 and 90 Amps.
  • Easy access reverse battery protection fuses.
  • DC disconnect tie in.
  • The AC Distribution Panel is rated for 240V input voltage at 50 Amps.
  • Provisions for up to 12 branch circuit breakers plus a center feed dual 50 Amp main breaker (not included).
  • 12 built-in push and lock strain relief wiring connectors make installation quick and easy and saves over 50% on installation costs.
  • Attractive lightweight panel design made from black impact-resistant high temperature polymers.


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