Progressive Dynamics 35 Amp Replacement Converter • PD4635V

Product Details

The Progressive Dynamics 35 Amp Replacement Converter • PD4635V is a versatile power converter specifically designed to upgrade or replace the converter section for 35-amp Parallax/Magnetek or WFCO RV power centers. This converter is compatible with Parallax/Magnetek model 6336 and WFCO 8935, efficiently converting AC shore power to DC power to charge your RV batteries quickly.

– Application: 12V battery systems
– Rated power output: 470 watts
– Amperage output: 35 amps
– Voltage:
– Input: 105 – 130 VAC
– Output (no load): 13.6 VDC
– Output (full load): > 12.6 VDC
– Temperature ranges:
– Operating range: 32 F to 122 F
– Storage range: -4 F to 176 F
– Dimensions: 13-1/4” long x 8” deep x 5-3/8” wide
– Weight: 9 lbs
– 2-Year limited warranty

Providing continuous power to your DC breaker panel, the Progressive Dynamics Converter allows for the seamless operation of 12V loads. It works effectively with flooded lead-acid, AGM, and gel batteries. The integrated Charge Wizard oversees your RV’s batteries, automatically initiating charging cycles as necessary to maintain optimal battery health.

This converter features automatic multistage charging, with modes such as Boost, Normal, Storage, and Equalization for comprehensive battery maintenance. Additionally, built-in protection mechanisms safeguard against reverse polarity, overheating, overloading, short-circuiting, and over/under voltage. The inclusion of a cooling fan aids in regulating temperature, while GFCI protection serves to prevent ground fault interruptions.

Proudly made in the USA, this Progressive Dynamics converter ensures both reliability and high performance, offering RV owners the peace of mind that comes with trusted quality.


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