PopUp 5th Wheel Rail Plate for B&W Gooseneck Hitches • CAG-BW

Product Details

Convert your gooseneck hitch to your 5th wheel base plate. We can connect your hitch if you have a Flip-Over by PopUp or a Turnover by B&W and give you the base plate you need. With a GVWR of 20,000 lbs you can pull just about any 5th wheel and is complete with universal rail slots on the base plate that fits most 5th wheel units on the market today. Easy install, simply remove the ball in your hitch, slide the post that’s included into ball socket and lock into position. After the post is in place, lay the base plate over the post and tighten to spec. Its really that easy. No mounted bed rails, No drilling holes, and light enough to remove or install as needed.

Rated at 20,000 lbs.

Universal rail slots

Lightweight at only 60 lbs.

NO Drilling

Can be installed or removed in under 5 min.

Limited Lifetime Warranty


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