ParkPower House Battery Master Switch • 701HBRV

Product Details

Unique to the House Battery Master Switches is the patented contour lock system which allows the switches to be used as stand-alone units or locked together with other switches. The 701RV features a control knob that cannot be removed while in the ON or OFF position, but it can be removed by switching to an anti-clockwise 45 deg position. The 701RV also features removable side plates on 4 sides for access of up to 1/0 cables plus a rear cover insulating the rear terminals against any short circuits.

  • Unique To The House Battery Master Switch
  • Patented Contour Lock System Which Allows The Switches To Be Used As Stand Alone Units Or Locked Together With Other Switches
  • Can Be Removed By Switching To An Anti-Clockwise 45 Degree Position
  • Ignition Protected
  • Tin Plated Copper Studs And Nuts
  • Recessed Or Surface Mount
  • Continuous Ampere Rating (A): 275 Amp
  • Surge Ampere Rating (A): 1250 Amp
  • Installation Type: Bolt-On
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty


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