ParkPower Contour Heavy Duty Master Switch • 720RV

Product Details

The ParkPower Contour Heavy Duty Master Switch is a reliable and durable solution for handling higher power loads. Featuring a heavy-duty construction, this master switch offers a power rating of 600A continuous, 800A intermittent, and 2500A cranking, making it suitable for demanding applications.

– Can be recessed or surface mounted for versatile installation options.
– Includes removable side plates for easy access to 1/0 cables, along with a rear cover insulating the rear terminals to prevent short circuits.
– Designed for on/off operation with manual activation.
– Features tin-plated copper (1/2”) studs and nuts, ensuring secure connections.
– Tested to UL 1107 standards, providing peace of mind in terms of safety and reliability.
– RoHS compliant for environmentally friendly operation.
– Contour moldings allow for modular mounting, enhancing flexibility in setup.
– Runs on a DC Voltage of 48, ideal for various power needs.
– Weighs 1.5 lbs for easy handling and installation.
– Dimensions: 7.4” long x 5.800” wide x 3.500” high, providing a compact yet powerful solution.
– Package includes the master switch.
– Backed by a limited 5-year manufacturer warranty for added assurance of quality and performance.

Upgrade your power management system with the ParkPower Contour Heavy Duty Master Switch • 720RV and enjoy a reliable and efficient solution for your power control needs.


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