Icon Technologies Neo Angle RV Skylight, 24″ x 12″ – Smoke • 12081

Product Details

The Icon RV Skylight is a high quality replacement skylight dome that brings both functionality and style to your RV. The skylight enhances the ambience of your living space and helps regulate the indoor climate efficiently. Made from durable and impact-resistant poly-carbonate, this skylight is designed to withstand various weather conditions on the road.

– Icon Neo Angle RV Skylight
– Color: Smoke
– Fits Standard 24″ x 12″ Neo Angle Skylight Openings
– Dome Dimensions: 24″ x 12″ x 4″
– Flange (Outer) Dimensions: 28″ x 15″
– Dome Shape: Neo-Angle
– Made in North America

Ensure an easy and leak-free installation with the 2″ flange that securely seals the skylight to the roof of your RV. For best results, use the Icon Skylight Sealant (sold separately) during installation to further enhance the seal and durability of the skylight. Upgrade your RV with this sleek and practical Icon Technologies Neo Angle RV Skylight for a comfortable and stylish on-the-road experience.


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