Hi-Lift Jack Stainless Steel Slides – 2 Pack • SS-2

Product Details

The Hi-Lift Jack Stainless Steel Slides – 2 Pack • SS-2 includes strong and durable stainless steel locking slides that can be easily added to your existing Slide-N-Lock tie-down system. These slides allow you to secure any type of payload with ease. The self-locating holes placed every 5 inches enable quick and effortless positioning of tie points. The spring-loaded locking pin facilitates smooth sliding motion to adjust to the desired hole. The robust Slide-N-Lock design ensures reliable security for heavy loads. Installation is a breeze, requiring only 1/4-inch diameter bolts spaced approximately every 10 inches in pre-drilled holes.

– Quantity: 2
– Material: Stainless steel
– Self-locating holes every 5 inches
– Spring-loaded locking pin for easy adjustment
– Bolt installation spaced every 10 inches
– Compatible with Slide-N-Lock tie-down system

Price: $50.99
Stock Availability: 18 units

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