Heng’s Vent Lid for Jensen Pin Hinge Style Vent, Smoke • J291RSM-C

Product Details

The Heng’s Replacement Vent Lid for Jensen Plastic Base Vent is designed for seamless compatibility with 14” x 14” Jensen roof vents. Crafted from durable plastic, this replacement vent lid is tailored for the Pin Hinge Style, ensuring a secure and precise fit onto your existing vent system. The Smoke-colored design adds a touch of modern elegance to your RV or camper, while the pre-assembled construction allows for easy installation without any hassle. With this Heng’s Vent Lid, you’ll enjoy enhanced ventilation and protection from the elements with confidence and style.

– Material: Durable plastic
– Compatibility: Works with 14” x 14” Jensen roof vents
– Style: Pin Hinge Style
– Color: Smoke
– Installation: Pre-assembled for quick and easy setup
– Included: 1 Vent lid and pin hinge


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