Heng’s Escape Hatch 20″ x 13″ • White • 31121-C2

Product Details

Escape Hatch 20″ x 13″ • White • 31121-C2 is a manual opening hatch designed for fresh air ventilation and easy access. Crafted with aluminum screen and a durable plastic lid, this hatch ensures reliable functionality and weather protection. Its white plastic frame complements various RV exteriors while offering a secure mounting solution.

– Opening Type: Manual
– Length (IN): 13 Inch
– Width (IN): 20 Inch
– Frame Material: Plastic
– Color: White
– Material: Aluminum Screen, Plastic Lid
– With Screen: Yes
– With Garnish: Yes

– Fresh Air Ventilation: Turn of the crank provides a large vent area, allows air flow, and keeps insects out.
– Dependable Operation: Leak-resistant lid and weather-tight frame ensure reliable performance.
– Instant Exit: Screen opens quickly to facilitate fast exit through the opening.
– Sturdy Frame: Made of heavy aluminum extrusion for easy installation and secure mounting.
– Supplier Warranty: Not included

Upgrade your RV with the Heng’s Escape Hatch 20″ x 13″ for enhanced ventilation and easy access, perfect for your outdoor adventures.


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