Heng’s Counter Clockwise Fan Blade for 12V Power Vents • JRP1002R-C

Product Details

This Heng’s Counter Clockwise Fan Blade is specifically designed for compatibility with all 12 Volt Power Vents. It boasts a rotation type that is perfect for creating optimal airflow in your ventilation system. Ensure proper ventilation and cooling with this high-quality fan blade.

  • Model: JRP1002R-C
  • Compatibility: All 12 Volt Power Vents
  • Rotation Type: Counter Clockwise
  • Efficiently circulates air in your RV or enclosed space
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Easy to install and replace as needed
  • Helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle or space
  • Enhances the overall functionality of your ventilation system


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