Go Power 30 Amp Transfer Switch • 64403

Product Details

The Go Power 30 Amp Transfer Switch • 64403, also known as the Go Power Transfer Switch with part number GP-TS-30, is designed to efficiently manage power sources for your electrical needs. This transfer switch is essential for seamlessly switching between shore power and generator power without any manual intervention. With a voltage rating of 120 VAC and a current rating of 30 Amps, this transfer switch ensures a reliable power supply for your RV, boat, or off-grid applications.

Key Specs:
– Voltage Rating: 120 VAC
– Current Rating: 30 Amps
– Feature: Dominant Source from Generator with a 20-45 Second Delay
– Safety Interlocks: Mechanical & Electrical for enhanced protection

Ensure a smooth and uninterrupted power supply with the Go Power 30 Amp Transfer Switch • 64403. This transfer switch guarantees optimal functionality and safety, making it a must-have for any power management setup.


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