Go Power 30 Amp MPPT Solar Controller + RV-C • 82890

Product Details

An RV-C capable 30 Amp MPPT Solar Controller using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging technology with an impressive up to 98% efficiency. This advanced controller optimizes solar charging for your RV, ensuring peak performance in various sunlight and tilt conditions. It is designed for ease of installation and seamless integration with “smart RV” RV-C systems, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts looking to upgrade their solar setup. The Go Power 30 Amp MPPT Solar Controller + RV-C • 82890 is a key component of the 190-watt Solar Eclipse Kits, known for their reliability and efficiency in solar energy utilization.

– Easily integrates into onboard communications systems (RV-C)
– The most efficient MPPT controller for RVs
– Compatible with all battery types, including Lithium
– Maximizes the power output from your solar modules
– Stackable design allows for adding additional controllers to expand your solar array
– Optional Bluetooth remote for convenient monitoring and control
– 30 Amp capacity for efficient power management
– Backed by a reassuring 5-year warranty


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