DV8 Offroad Traction Boards with Bag Black • RTB1-01BK

Product Details

DV8 Offroad Traction Boards with Bag Black • RTB1-01BK – Engineered for extreme off-road adventures, the DV8 Offroad Traction Boards with Bag in sleek black are essential gear for tackling challenging terrains. Tested to withstand an impressive 10 tons of compression, these traction boards offer reliable support when your vehicle gets stuck. Their stackable design not only saves space on your trail rig but also allows for easy storage and transport. The boards feature ergonomic handles that are intuitive and effortless to use, ensuring quick deployment in critical situations.

Designed with a base specifically made for a Hi-Lift style jack, these traction boards offer versatile functionality beyond just recovery purposes. With additional capabilities as a shovel, they provide a multi-functional toolset for tackling various off-road obstacles. The boards are equipped with various holes throughout, providing multiple mounting options for added convenience.

– Color: Black
– Model: RTB1-01BK
– Load Capacity: 10 tons
– Compatibility: Hi-Lift Style Jack
– Material: Durable and Tough
– Features: Stackable Design, Ergonomic Handles, Multiple Mounting Holes
– Includes: Traction Boards, Storage Bag
– Quantity: Paired Set


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