Dometic SmartStart For Brisk II • 9610004642

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The Dometic SmartStart accessory for RVs is a game-changing addition that significantly enhances the efficiency and convenience of air conditioning systems in recreational vehicles. By diminishing the power surge required during AC start-up by as much as 75%, this innovative device makes it possible to operate air conditioners with a generator as compact as 2,000W, thereby liberating RV enthusiasts from the reliance on shore power. Moreover, the SmartStart Accessory is engineered specifically for RV air conditioners, allowing for seamless integration with inverters in solar setups without any risk of faulting. Embracing this advancement empowers RV owners to transition to smaller generators, leading to weight and cost savings, while ensuring that air conditioning start-ups are quieter regardless of the time of day or night.

– Lessens the amount of power needed for AC start-up
– Reduces reliance on shore power
– With less compressor power draw, it produces less noise on air conditioning start-up
– Enables running an AC with a small generator or a solar power inverter as small as 2,000W without faulting
– Enables the ability to run two ACs off one 30 AMP service if no other appliances are running
– Permits the simultaneous use of other appliances while one AC is running
– Comes pre-wired for simple installation so no cutting or crimping of wires required (professional installation recommended)
– Small and lightweight design with IP-65 waterproof enclosure
– The installation of Dometic SmartStart does not void your Dometic AC warranty
– 2 Year Limited Warranty


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