Dometic Duo-Therm CCC Air Conditioner Control Box • DOM3109226.005

Product Details

This Dometic Duo-Therm CCC Air Conditioner Control Box (model DOM3109226.005) is designed as a direct replacement for aging Duo-Therm air conditioners. Inside the control box lies a versatile control board that seamlessly works with the original Confort Control Center units (please note that it is not compatible with CCC2 Thermostats). This control box features several essential connectivity options:

– Wires for a 12V connection
– Furnace control capabilities
– Load shed support
– 120V connection for powering the system

Moreover, the control box is engineered for compatibility with various plugs, including a:
– 6-pin air conditioner plug
– 3-pin heat strip plug (optional)
– 2x RJ-11 plug for linking to the thermostat and other supplementary A/C devices

This control box is tailored to seamlessly integrate with a range of Dometic air conditioning systems. Its specifications include:

– Compatible Air Conditioners: Dometic 579/ 590/ 595/ 600 Series Roof Top Air Conditioners
– Compatible Thermostats: 3109228.001 and 3109228.019

Upgrade your older Duo-Therm air conditioner with this advanced control box to enjoy enhanced functionality and performance.


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