Dometic Atwood Hydroflame RV Furnace Igniter Electrode • 35100

Product Details

  • The furnace electrode is both a conductor establishing an electrical spark at the Burner to ignite the air to gas mixture, and a sensor to signal the circuit board the flame is established.

  • Prongs – 2

  • Prong Length – 4 ⅛”

  • Bracket Dimensions – 1 ¼” x 7/8″

  • Compatible with: AFSAD12111, AFSD12111, AFSD16111, AFSD20111, AFSDA12121, AFSAD12121, AFSD12121, AFSD16121, AFSD20121, AFSAD12131, AFSD12131, AFSD16131, AFSD20131, AFSAD12141, AFSD12141, AFSD16141, AFSD20141, AFMD16111, AFMD20111, AFMD25111, AFMD30111, AFMD35111, AFMD16121, AFMD20121, AFMD25121, AFMD30121, AFMD35121, AFMD16131, AFMD20131, AFMD25131, AFMD30131, AFMD35131, AFMD16141, AFMD20141, AFMD25141, AFMD30141, AFMD35141, AFMD16151, AFMD20151, AFMD25151, AFMD30151, AFMD35151, AFLA35211, AFLA40211, AFLD35111, AFLD40111, AFLA35221, AFLA40221, AFLD35121, AFLD40121, AFLA35231, AFLA40231, AFLD35131, AFLD40131


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