Coleman-Mach Analog Cool Only RV Air Conditioner Thermostat, Black • 7330-3861

Product Details

The Coleman Mach Thermostat is a cool-only single-stage analog thermostat designed to enhance the functionality of various Coleman Mach RV air conditioners. This user-friendly and economical thermostat model offers straightforward operation and efficient cooling performance. It is specifically engineered to work seamlessly with a range of Coleman Mach air conditioner models, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance for your recreational vehicle.

– Works with:
– Mach 15 Air Conditioners (48204C969, 48254C969)
– Mach 3+ Air Conditioners (48203C966, 48203A879)
– Mach 1 Power Saver Air Conditioners (48207C876)
– Mach III Power Saver Air Conditioners (48208C876, 48208C879)
– Polar Cub Air Conditioners (49201A876)
– Mach 8 Air Conditioners (47203-876, 47203-879, 47204-876, 47204-879, 47223-879, 47224-879)
– Roughneck Air-Conditioners

– Note: Not compatible with air conditioners equipped with heat strips.
– Wired directly to the air conditioner wiring for installation.
– Mechanical readout for clear and easy operation.
– Fan Control options: high, low, auto, on.
– Single-stage output for precise temperature control.
– Voltage: 12V DC.
– Color: Black.
– Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Upgrade your RV air conditioning system with the Coleman-Mach Analog Cool Only RV Air Conditioner Thermostat for reliable cooling performance and convenient temperature control during your travels.


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