Carefree RV Awning Vinyl Fabric 19′-2″ – Black/Gray Dune Stripe With White Weatherguard • JU208D00

Product Details

The Carefree RV Awning Vinyl Fabric 19′-2″ in Black/Gray Dune Stripe with White Weatherguard offers superior construction with the most durable vinyl specs in the industry. The lower portion of the vinyl canopy features vibrant stripes or fades, while the top portion is equipped with Weatherguard to shield the fabric from sun, scrapes, and exposure when the awning is rolled up. Carefree’s Universal One-Piece Patio Awning Replacement Canopies provide a seamless, classic appearance when fully extended by combining the valance and main canopy into a single uniform piece. The fabric is securely fastened to the roller bar using two polyrods in different slots, ensuring a tight fit around the roll bar.

– Features Superior Construction With The Most Durable Vinyl Specs In The Industry
– 13.5 Ounce Vinyl, Single-Hemmed with Traditional Fabric Thread
– Weatherguard Protects Fabric From Sun, Scrapes, and Exposure When Rolled Up
– Proportional Fabric Patterns Match Window Awnings to Patio Awnings
– Proportionally Smaller Patterns Enhance Entire Look of RV Exterior
– Strong, Durable, Built To Last
– One-Piece Patio Awning Replacement Canopies for a Sleek, Classic Appearance
– Fabric Secured to Roll Bar with Two Polyrods
– Arms must be purchased separately
– Limited 1 Year Warranty

– Length: 19 Feet 2 Inches
– Extension Length: 8 Feet
– Color: Black/Gray Dune Stripe
– Weather Cover Color: White Weatherguard
– Material: Vinyl
– Poly Cord Size: 3/16 Inch
– Poly Cord Color: Gray


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