Carefree Eclipse 12V Power Awning – 15 ft., Black/Gray Stripe Vinyl, White Weatherguard • QJ158D00

Product Details

Eclipse is the industry’s 1st 12V power awning that features instant pitch adjustments! Push and hold the button to extend the Eclipse to partial or complete 8′ extension in just seconds. As the billow-proof worm-gear motor unrolls the canopy, the rafter arms glide up the vertical track on the coach’s side to deploy a stable, truss-like, overhead support. Push and hold the button to retract, and the Eclipse will roll up tight against the coach. There’s nothing to lock or latch. Carefree’s exclusive worm-gear drive motor locks the roller for travel and provides the greatest assurance of absolute protection against billowing.

– The Eclipse provides the most versatility for adjustments for maximum shade. Instantly select from six pitch adjustments for partial or complete extension.
– Innovative Direct Response Electronics include the Motion Detection System and Easy-to-Use Controls. The Eclipse automatically retracts when excessive movement is sensed.
– Adjust one or both arms to the lowest setting for the best rain protection. Choose from six quick arm adjustments for perfect shade pitch.
– Enjoy unobstructed patio access of a lateral-arm box awning and the stability of a traditional vertical arm awning. The truss design ensures stability in light winds.
– Operation Type: Power
– Awning Width: 15′
– Awning Extension: 8′
– Fabric Pattern: Dune Stripes
– Fabric Color: Black & Gray
– Fabric Type: Vinyl
– Weather Shield Type: Vinyl
– Weather Shield Color: White
– Case Material: White
– Includes: Vinyl Fabric, Roller Tube, Vinyl Weather Shield
– Required Arms Must Be Purchased Separately


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