Camco Version III Starter Kit Bucket

Product Details

The Camco Version III Starter Kit Bucket is the ideal solution for any RV enthusiast looking to kick off the season right. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out, this starter kit provides you with all the essential accessories you need to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

– Compatibility: Compatible with any type of RV, making it a versatile and convenient option for all RV owners.
– Great for Your Next Adventure: Perfect for unexpected needs or repairs while you’re on-the-go, helping you stay prepared for anything that comes your way.

Kit Includes:
– 20 liter bucket with lid for easy storage and transport
– Plastic water pressure regulator to ensure a safe and controlled flow of water
– 15 male to 30 amp female Power Grip electrical adapter for powering up your RV
– 25-foot TastePURE drinking water hose for clean and safe water supply
– 4 rolls of 1-ply TST toilet tissue for your sanitation needs
– 3 TST Orange Drop-Ins for effective waste management and odor control
– 10-foot standard sewer hose for efficient waste disposal
– Straight sewer hose adapter for connecting to your RV’s sewer system
– 32 oz. of Pro-Strength RV Wash & Wax to keep your RV looking clean and shiny
– Sponge for easy application of RV wash and wax

Get the Camco Version III Starter Kit Bucket and have peace of mind knowing you have all the essentials for your next RV adventure!


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