Camco RV Vent Cover- Black • 40443

Product Details

The Camco RV Vent Cover- Black • 40443 is the ultimate solution to keep your RV well-ventilated and protected from the elements. This high-quality vent cover is designed to mount easily onto your existing 14 Inch x 14 Inch roof vent, providing exceptional performance and durability for all your RV adventures.

– Leave Your Vent Open Rain Or Shine.
– The Camco Vent Cover Offers High-Flow Ventilation In An Aerodynamic Design.
– Removable Louvers For Easy Cleaning.
– UV Stabilized Resin For Years Of Rugged Use.
– Built-in bug screen.
– Limited 90 Day Warranty.

Upgrade your RV with the Camco RV Vent Cover- Black • 40443 and enjoy the benefits of enhanced airflow, protection from insects, and prolonged durability thanks to its UV-resistant construction. Experience peace of mind knowing that your RV is equipped with a reliable vent cover that is built to withstand rugged use.


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