Camco AC Line Voltage Meter • 55263

Product Details

Camco’s 120V RV AC Line Voltage Meter is a reliable tool designed to provide accurate readings of your AC line voltage with ease. It plugs into any standard 120V residential wall receptacle to offer continuous monitoring, keeping your appliances safe from potential damage due to voltage fluctuations. The meter can be left plugged in permanently, serving as a proactive measure against “brown-out” conditions that could lead to costly repair bills. This versatile device is well-suited for use in a variety of settings, including boats, RV air conditioners, generators, computers, and campgrounds.

– Provides Accurate AC Line Voltage Readings: Offers precise and continuous monitoring of AC line voltage when plugged into a 120V residential wall receptacle.
– Helps Protect Voltage-Sensitive Equipment: Acts as a safeguard against potential damage to appliances by warning against “brown-out” conditions.
– Typical Applications: Ideal for use in boats, RV air conditioners, generators, computers, and campgrounds.
– Simple to Read Colored Scale: Features a user-friendly colored scale where the green zone indicates proper voltage levels and red zones signal potential risks to voltage-sensitive appliances.
– Voltage Ranges Vary by Appliance: Recommended voltage operation ranges differ based on the appliance type or manufacturer, so it’s advisable to consult with the specific appliance manufacturer for optimal voltage levels.

– Product Name: Camco AC Line Voltage Meter • 55263
– Voltage Compatibility: 120V
– Application: Residential use
– Indicator: Colored scale (green, red zones)
– Usage: Continuous monitoring
– Included: Meter unit
– Dimension: Compact for easy portability
– Weight: Lightweight for convenience
– Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty included

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your electrical appliances with the Camco AC Line Voltage Meter • 55263, a must-have tool for maintaining optimal voltage levels and preventing potential damages.


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