BAL Stabilizing Jack Crank Handle • 23033

Product Details

The BAL Stabilizing Jack Crank Handle is a versatile and durable tool perfect for use with both the 17″ and 20″ BAL Stabilizing Jacks (23025 and 23026). Crafted from high-quality steel material, this crank handle features a rust-prohibitive black E-coating that boosts its longevity, ensuring reliable performance for all your stabilization needs. With a 14″ shaft reach, operation is made easy and convenient, while the slotted drive style enhances usability. This crank handle is not just limited to BAL stabilizing jacks but is also compatible with other brands, providing flexibility and practicality. Weighing only 1 lb, this black-colored crank handle is finished with an e-coating that offers superior rust protection compared to standard powder-coated options. Elevate your stabilizing jack system with the BAL Stabilizing Jack Crank Handle for smooth and efficient support wherever your adventures take you.

– Designed for use with 17″ and 20″ BAL Stabilizing Jacks (23025 and 23026)
– Made of high-quality steel material for durability
– Rust-prohibitive black E-coating for enhanced longevity
– 14″ shaft reach for convenient operation
– Slotted drive style for ease of use
– Compatible with BAL and other brands of stabilizing jacks
– Weight: 1 lb
– Black color with e-coated finish for superior rust protection


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