BAL Powered C-Jack, Dual 12V Stabilizing System • 21100005

Product Details

BAL’s Powered C-Jack is a versatile stabilizing system designed to bring stability and convenience to your trailer setup. With dual 12v motors, this system allows for independent operation of each jack, providing enhanced control and efficiency. The cross-frame mount features 25” legs, ensuring a sturdy foundation for your trailer. The included switches enable easy side-to-side operation, while the push-button mechanism allows for quick and quiet extension and retraction of the jacks. Designed to retrofit most import OEM single 12v motor stabilizers, this system offers a seamless upgrade solution.

– Dual 12v motors for independent jack operation
– Cross-frame mount with 25” leg length
– Two switches for effortless side-to-side operation
– Push button for quick and quiet extension & retraction
– Retro-fits single switch, import OEM stabilizing systems
– Superior E-Coat finish for long-lasting durability
– Low-profile, compact design for high strength with low weight
– Integrated foot to minimize slipping or sinking
– Fits frame widths 66” to 70”


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