AP Products Black Knob Crank Handles for Lippert Slide-Out Systems • 014-119226

Product Details

• Manufacturer: AP Products
• Model: 014-119226
• Color: Black
• Suitable for: Lippert Slide-Out Systems
• Function: Roof Vent Crank Handles
• Compatible with: RV Windows, Slide-Outs, Landing Gear

– Ideal for Lippert Slide-Out Systems, the AP Products Black Knob Crank Handles provide a reliable and convenient solution for your RV maintenance needs.
– Specifically designed as Roof Vent Crank Handles, they are versatile and suitable for use with RV windows, slide-outs, and landing gear.
– These handles are crafted with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance and ease of use during operation.
– The black knob design adds a touch of style while ensuring a comfortable grip for effortless adjustment.
– Enhance the functionality of your RV with these high-quality crank handles from AP Products.


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