Valterra Mighty Cord 50A-50A Detachable Adapter Plug • A10-5050DAVP

Product Details

Detachable RV adapter plug, the Valterra Mighty Cord 50A-50A Detachable Adapter Plug • A10-5050DAVP, is designed to seamlessly adapt 50 amp power for use with 50 amp trailers. This essential tool facilitates a hassle-free connection between your RV and campground power source, offering convenience and reliability during your outdoor adventures. Crafted from durable and long-lasting PVC materials, this detachable adapter plug ensures a secure and stable power transfer for optimal performance.

– 50 amp male – 50 amp female locking receptacle
– Detachable adapter with female ring for easy hook-up
– Molded using high-quality PVC for enhanced durability
– Conveniently adapt your 50 amp power supply to meet your RV’s needs
– Ideal for use in campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks
– Ensures a secure and stable connection between your RV and power source
– Simplifies the process of hooking up your RV to campground power
– Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
– Enhances efficiency and convenience during outdoor adventures
– A must-have accessory for RV enthusiasts seeking reliable power solutions.


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