Torklift Basic SpringLoad for Frame Mounted Tie Downs • S9000

Product Details

The Torklift Basic SpringLoad for Frame Mounted Tie Downs • S9000 is an essential addition to your truck camper setup, ensuring a safe and secure ride for your family and your vehicle. Designed for easy installation, this kit includes two spring-loaded cannisters that bolt easily to the end of each tie down, providing the necessary suspension to protect camper anchor points. With a focus on durability and longevity, this product features high-strength forged steel construction and special oil-tempered chrome silicon springs to maintain maximum performance.

– Spring-loaded design ensures a safe ride for your family and your truck camper
– Protect your truck frame and camper anchor points from damage
– Adjusts in minutes, built-in spring tension indicators for ease of use
– High-strength forged steel construction for durability
– Special oil-tempered chrome silicon springs for maximum longevity
– Legendary Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind
– Proudly made in the USA

Kit Includes:
– Two Quicklinks for versatile attachment options
– Two spring-loaded cannisters for added suspension
– Two heavy-duty forged steel turnbuckles for secure fastening
– Corrosion-resistant marine grade chain for durability against the elements.


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