Southwire Surge Guard 30 Amp Portable With Ground Fault Protection • 44750-001

Product Details

The Southwire Surge Guard 30 Amp Portable With Ground Fault Protection (model number 44750-001) provides reliable power surge protection for your electronic devices. With a voltage regulation of 120 volts and an ampere rating of 30 amps, this surge guard ensures your devices receive stable power supply. It automatically reconnects after a power surge event, offering convenience and peace of mind.

– Voltage Regulation: 120 Volt
– Ampere Rating: 30 Amp
– Automatically Reconnects: Yes
– Number Of Outlet: 1 Socket
– With Fault Indicator: Yes
– With Plug Head Handle: Yes
– Automatically Shuts Off The Power When Ground Faults Are Present
– Requires Manual Reset After A Ground Fault
– Weather Resistant
– Most Economically Priced Protection
– 510 Joules Of Power Surge Protection
– Easy-T-Pull™ Handles

The surge guard is equipped with a ground fault protection feature that automatically shuts off the power when ground faults are detected, ensuring the safety of both your devices and your property. It has a fault indicator to alert you of any issues, and the plug head handle allows for easy handling and manipulation.

Additionally, the Southwire Surge Guard 30 Amp Portable is weather-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use in various conditions. With 510 joules of power surge protection, this device offers reliable defense against power fluctuations and surge events. The most economically priced protection combined with the Easy-T-Pull™ handles make it a convenient and cost-effective solution for safeguarding your electronics.


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