Coleman-Mach Air Conditioner Soft Start Control Kit For 45000/47000/48000 Series • 1497-3601

Product Details

Extend the life of your Coleman-Mach air conditioner with the new Soft Start Kit that reduces inrush amperage up to 75% and lessens overall power consumption. The innovative Soft Start Kit can be used in new Coleman-Mach air conditioners or retrofitted into existing AC units. A soft start will protect your AC by reducing start-up power surges that can trip breakers. It also lowers the overall power consumption while the AC is running providing more efficient performance with worry-free operation. The Coleman-Mach Soft Start Kit creates a ramped-up power draw at cycle startup for a smooth progression to running voltage thus eliminating troublesome voltage spikes. A short-cycle protection feature increases the overall life of an air conditioner with a Coleman-Mach Soft Start by lowering startup stress on the compressor. A continuous-learning feature in the Coleman-Mach Soft Start allows it to optimize a range of electrical parameters to work with varying load conditions and ensure the motor operates optimally for ambient conditions.

– Reduces start-up amperage up to 75%
– Fits Coleman-Mach Series 45000, 47000, and 48000 air conditioners
– Smoothly ramps up to operating amperages
– Improves performance, lowers motor heat, and increases AC life expectancy
– The unibody enclosure protects the unit for optimal performance in a range of weather conditions
– The continuous learning feature improves overall performance with every use
– Easy installation from the exterior of your coach
– No change to the exterior aesthetics of the AC unit
– 2-Year Limited Warranty


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